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Dental Crowns in Monument

Restore Missing Teeth

Our professional staff strives to give our patients more than just mere restorations; we work effortlessly to provide dentistry that is unnoticeable and undetectable to the visible eye. For those who are suffering from severe tooth fractures, tooth decay, and even missing teeth, Woodmoor Dental is proud to offer dental crowns in Monument that will blend right in with your smile.

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What Are Dental Crowns and How Are They Beneficial for Me?

Dental crowns are restorative and cosmetic devices that fully encapsulate a tooth to protect and strengthen it when damage is beyond repairing with fillings. There are different material options to choose from, but the most common ones sought after are porcelain crowns due to their similar resemblance to natural teeth.

Dental crowns can be used for:

  • Restoring broken or fractured teeth
  • Replacing larger fillings that have fractured or loosened
  • Replacing missing teeth onto a dental implant foundation
  • Reinforcing a tooth following a root canal procedure
  • Supporting bridgework used to replace missing teeth
  • Cosmetically enhancing the appearance of your teeth

The main benefits of dental crowns are:

  • Replacement of missing teeth whose gaps would cause further complications
  • Rehabilitation of your smile with a more natural look
  • Restoration of your functional bite and reduced chewing issues
  • Protection for severely damaged or misshapen teeth
  • Improvement of the size, structure, and appearance of your teeth for cosmetic purposes

What Does the Procedure Involve?

No matter what dental office you visit, the entire procedure takes at least two separate visits. Initially, we start by removing any decayed enamel. A specialized drill will then shave off about 1 to 2 millimeters to create a solid core for your dental crown to fit into place. Once the tooth has been reshaped, an impression of the area will be casted and sent away to a dental lab. Here, they use the mold to manufacture your custom crown, hence the reason two visits are required. To prevent any damage onto your exposed tooth, a temporary crown is fitted on meanwhile your permanent crown arrives for your second appointment.

During your follow-up visit, you will have a virtually painless experience just as in your first appointment. If you think it may help, the area can be numbed, but most patients don’t require any anesthetics and carry on without any pain. Your personalized crown will then be adjusted onto your prepped tooth, and once it’s been evaluated and affixed into position, our dentists will cement the crown in place, seamlessly covering any evidence of tooth damage.

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